visions of albania

22 Jun
June 22, 2013

i recently went to albania for a friend’s wedding celebration. landing in tirana, we drove to yar beach along the yoni sea in southern albania, just south of the town of vuno. there we had a delicious time soaking up the sun on the stony beaches and eating fresh tambuli at a picnic in the olive groves. we then drove from yar beach to montenegro, where we caught the train to belgrade, serbia. here are some pictures of the beautiful and alluring albania.

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4 replies
  1. VeeBee cup says:

    My dearest gypsy woman, why are the houses abandoned on the road? And who found love in the olive grove…? and those mural paintings in the church are called frescoes….
    The pictures are awesome – can’t wait to hear the story. xx

  2. judy marie langley says:

    Looks like such an interesting place……an “old country” feel. Can’t wait to hear your stories!!

  3. Ana Shima-Thimm says:

    gorgeous photos K!

    just one correction, it’s Jal beach 🙂 for those ones that will wanna visit it in the future 🙂
    hugs and love from a super hot Albania.

    • rex says:

      thank you dear ana for the correction! with all the travelling i had just done i’m surprised i knew i was in albania! hahahaha… i will update the text soon and the magical story of your beautiful wedding celebration is still to come. hope you are so well!


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