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a year of blossoming

21 Jan
January 21, 2014

Beautiful days and wonderful adventures seem to course through my life at a rapid pace, and I am often barely finished with one thing when another begins. Being caught up in this whirlwind is a privileged experience, but it is also easy to get disoriented and to forget what is really important in life. This year is going to be a pivotal year for me, a year where I am conscientiously working towards many goals, and concentrating my energies more proactively. I’ve created a vision board for this year to keep me focused and here are a few things on it. Read more →

a magical carpet ride through morocco

09 Jan
January 9, 2014

Morocco has long been heralded as an exotic destination in northern Africa and it’s not hard to see why; the sweeping sands of the Sahara Desert tug at your inner Bedouin, the souqs of Marrakech lining the winding paths of the old Medina entrance you with their colour and texture, and the stark, blue Atlas Mountains stand resolutely in the unwritten novels that unravel themselves in your mind. Read more →