28 May

the adventures of rex

rex profile picture-1Meet Rex. Rex is a socially conscious dinosaur with a passion for travelling the world. Despite many challenges, not the least of which are his short arms, Rex is always ready for an adventure and brings with him a warm and inquisitive heart, a toothy grin, and of course, a camera.

Rex is well on his way to becoming the world’s most well-travelled dinosaur and through this he has learned about the cultures, customs, and different environments that span the globe. He has flown in helicopters to remote villages in Papua New Guinea and stood on top of the Inca ruins in Machu Picchu. He has been from the most southern tip of Africa to the most western point of Europe. He has attended United Nations conferences to discuss international sustainability, met famous people, and grown a garden at his home in Cape Town.

He’s started capturing these moments in the following albums in the hope of making you smile and to remind you of how much joy there is in the world.

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I want you to be happy… to laugh, smile and rejoice in order that others may be made happy by you. ~`Abdu’lBahá