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roadtrip through montenegro and croatia

04 Aug
August 4, 2013

following the inspiration of heart, my friend nikola and i embarked on a 1000km roadtrip through montenegro and croatia, driving through the exquisite country side of croatia and meeting up with our dear friend ivana on the beautiful beaches of montenegro for some love in the sun on the stunning monetenegro beaches. the adventure was amazing, inspiring new love and adventures in our hearts.

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exploring belgrade, serbia

04 Jul
July 4, 2013

in june 2013 i visited one of my dearest friends in the city of belgrade, serbia. arriving in the heat of summer, after an adventurous road trip from southern albania, belgrade was beautiful and alluring, a place that i could spend a lifetime exploring. from rich buruk pastries, to ancient classical buildings, beautiful women and boat parties, belgrade filled me with a sense of awe and wonder that will not soon be forgotten. here are but a few of the sights of this ‘white city’ that will forever be a rainbow of colour in my memory.

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visions of albania

22 Jun
June 22, 2013

i recently went to albania for a friend’s wedding celebration. landing in tirana, we drove to yar beach along the yoni sea in southern albania, just south of the town of vuno. there we had a delicious time soaking up the sun on the stony beaches and eating fresh tambuli at a picnic in the olive groves. we then drove from yar beach to montenegro, where we caught the train to belgrade, serbia. here are some pictures of the beautiful and alluring albania.

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breathtaking bali

10 Jun
June 10, 2013

incredible india

08 Jun
June 8, 2013

check out these pictures of a beautiful, textured country and join in the experience.